What is Autism?

Autism is derived from the Greek word ‘autos’ which means self. In this context, it refers to someone living in his or her own world. From a medical point of view, autism is a condition in which a person's social interactions are disrupted due to communication skills problems, repetitive inappropriate behavior, isolation and having a limited desire for something.

Among the skills that are impaired as a result of autism are;

- Speech and communication skills

- Social interaction skills

- Behavior and emotions

- Sensory or physical contact

- Cognitive skills

- Play skills

Autism in malaysia have been arising at very high speed. There are many theary why autism is in arise in a world and also malaysia. Put the reason behind, Malaysia have been known to be one of the famous place for treating autism with thetole-neuro acupuncture.

Dato tole have been attracting patient from all over the world to malaysia. Thetole acupuncture and herbal medical centre is well know for dato tole "magnatics" effect for autism and special kids to visit malaysia for treatment since the begining of 90's.

Autism Treatment

Although autism is not completely curable, its symptoms can still be reduced. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the symptoms of autism can be reduced by taking herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment. This is because acupuncture can increase energy flow in a child’s brain and re-stimulate energy blockage.

Children with mild autism have the opportunity to reach a normal level of development like other children if they receive early treatment while children with moderate and severe autism usually need a long treatment time to reach a normal level of development.