At The Tole Medical Center, people come from all over the world for treatment of common and rare diseases. According to the center's official website, they have had patients from around 160 countries contact them for treatment. And it's certainly a remarkable achievement that most of its patients leave cured and satisfied.

When it comes to The Tole treatment with thetole way of healing, patients need to understand and follow the advice of the herbal medicine expert, Dato' Master Tole, who is the chief herbal practitioner at the Tole Medical Center, and at whose hands a number of serious patients have been miraculously treated.

One of the herbs that the Tole Center uses for treatment of most cancer patients and people with other kidney problems is called 'Sabah Snake Grass'. According to the advertisement on their website at, the Chinese name for this herb is 'Yu Xun Cao' and for thousands of years it has been used for its healing properties against cancer. The website discloses that the Tole Center uses the Sabah snake grass in herbal drinks along with many other herbs to treat cancer, kidney and liver patients. The herb is available for all cancer patients.

With information like this on the herbal methods utilized by the Tole Medical Center, it certainly sounds like the Master has done his research. The exceptional knowledge of Dato' Master Tole and the experts at the Tole Medical Center, about different kinds of herbs, their medicinal properties and the various kinds of diseases, is evident from the way they talk about themon their website. There have also been reports other medical experts being impressed by the way Dato' Master Tole carries out his treatments.