Symptoms of Asperger's brain Special kids include: impaired ability to utilize social cues such as body language, irony, or other subtext of communication; restricted eye contact and socialization; limited range of encyclopedic interests; preservative, odd behaviors; didactic, verbose, monotone, droning voice; concrete thinking; over-sensitivity to certain stimuli; and unusual movements.

Each Asperger's - brain Special kids are not the same, different in a few or more conditions and also recovery condition , also level and rate of recovery.

What is ADHD Brain Special Kids?

ADHD Brain Special Kids often prevents children from learning and socializing well. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Brain Special Kids and attention deficit disorder (ADD) Brain Special Kids refer to a range of problem behaviours associated with poor attention span. These may include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness, and often prevent children from learning and socialising well. ADHD Brain Special Kids is sometimes referred to as hyperkinetic disorder. What are the symptoms of ADHD Brain Special Kids.

Attention Difficulties AD Brain Specail Kids

Attention Difficulties AD Brain Special Kids must have exhibited at least six of the following symptoms for at least six months to an extent that is unusual for their age and level of intelligence. Fails to pay close attention to detail or makes careless errors during work or play.

Fails to finish tasks or sustain attention in play activities. Seems not to listen to what is said to him or her. Fails to follow through instructions or to finish homework or chores (not because of confrontational behaviour or failure to understand instructions). Disorganized about tasks and activities. Avoids tasks like homework that require sustained mental effort. Loses things necessary for certain tasks or activities, such as pencils, books or toys. Easily distracted. Forgetful in the course of daily activities.